Eva-Maria Wehrheim


Therapy for me means “support through guidance”. You set the goal yourself: The goal can be to get rid of physical complaints, to overcome inhibitions or simply to relax. Your body itself determines the solution. No manipulation is needed for this, because our body already works in the best possible way at every moment.

Where do the causes of the problem lie? My suggestion: Let’s first not question ourselves and look at who and what is with us, what we experience, who and what affects us. Inconsistent relationships have negative effects. Traumas have negative effects. While experiencing trauma, i.e. situations of extreme distress in which neither “fight nor flight” is possible, detachments (so-called parts of your “self”) can take place. This happens first of all for your self-protection. This protection must be organised, e.g. by our nervous system. Changes take place in the body, in our physiology:

  • a limited ability to perceive and
  • muscular, organic and systemic over- and underfunctions

Particulary early childhood or prenatal traumas have a strong effect on us –

  • Traumas of a time when we did not yet have a voice
  • Traumas of a time we could not recall
  • Traumas of a time when we were dependent on the love and goodwill of our parents.

Regardless of what hurts are stored in us – if we create the right conditions, prepare the way for new information, then new possibilities come to fruition. We open the space for good relationships and for healing. I work through the body level.


I place my hands on the position(s) where you are feeling discomfort or where you feel that it is right. I pay full attention to what is happening under my hands, notice and accompany the rhythm, pace and direction that the tissue is aiming for. You may not feel much at first. You may feel a warming or pulsing in a region of the body. However, experience has shown that a step, no matter how small, can initiate a change of direction and set a healing process in motion.

You do not have to undress for this procedure.

Doctors are responsible for diagnoses.

I look forward to seeing you.


To request an appointment please ring me on Mondays and Wednesdays between 9.00am and 10.00am. You can also send me a request via e-mail. I will follow any wish for a call back as soon as I can.

Eva-Maria Wehrheim
Gudrunstraße 8
51147 Köln

phone: 02203 – 64248

Öffnungszeiten / Terminabsprachen

Sollten Sie mich nicht persönlich erreichen, sprechen Sie gerne auf meinen Anrufbeantworter - dann melde ich mich zurück.


  • Ein erster Einzeltermin dauert 45 Minuten und kostet 45€.
  • Weitere Einzeltermine dauern 30 Minuten und kosten 30€.
  • 5 Termine à 30-Minuten kosten 150€ - für den ersten Termin im Paket halte ich Ihnen 45 Minuten frei.


Eva-Maria Wehrheim Physiotherapeutin
Gudrunstraße 8 - 51147 Köln
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